Reference#: 9222 BA // Private Mansion Location Rental Bel Air. Stunning private mansion location rental for private events in Bel Air with lush gardens for a large estate wedding or corporate event.

Private Mansion Location Rental Bel Air On Large Estate

Reference#: 9222 BA

Are you looking for a private mansion location rental Bel Air for a large event? This stunning private mansion sits safely and securely behind private security gates to help give you and your guests all the privacy and security you could ask for on your special occasion. It offers lush green wide open spaces for a large estate wedding or corporate event. There are huge sprawling lawns with a beautiful swimming pool, surrounded by many tall beautiful trees that will make you forget the city exists.

If you’re interested in a Bel Air mansion rental for a special occasion where your guests can experience a one-of-a-kind special event and feel transported out of LA and into a grand estate atmosphere this is an excellent pick.

For more information about this estate or one of our other estates, please call our office at 310-994-7789.

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