You really can’t underestimate beautiful lighting and florals. Our client’s glam wedding took place at one of our favorite private homes overlooking the ocean.

Glam Hollywood Inspired Wedding Private Estate

Glam Hollywood Inspired Wedding Private Estate


Glam Hollywood Inspired Wedding Private Estate is one of our favorite weddings for so many reasons.

Our bride loved planning her wedding and really enjoyed the journey from choosing the linens to the decor.  Sasha was involved with every detail of the design from her bouquet to her wedding dress design.  This wedding had old Hollywood Glam written all over it.

The wedding was held at one of our private estates. This vintage home has incredible ocean views with a great Hollywood background.


The views are incredible and at night you can see the beautiful lighting on the ferris wheel on Santa Monica Pier.

Guests were greeted with tray passed champagne, then after the ceremony, they enjoyed passed appetizers and cocktails while the couple and their families took photos around the property.  Dinner and dancing was held on the patio overlooking the ocean. Later at night, guests were invited downstairs to enjoy more dancing while others stayed on the patio and enjoyed late night snacks and conversation.


How to Rent An Estate for Your Wedding:

  1. Know your budget. We recommend not spending more than 20% of your overall budget on the venue, since everything must be brought on-site. If you have very expensive taste, we recommend having your planner create a budget ahead of time (there is a fee but it is worth it), so you can know what you will be spending ahead of time to help meet your goals.
  2. Hire a planner that you trust and have a connection.  Since there are so many details involved with planning a wedding, it is important that you like and trust your planner and visa versa.  You will be communicating with he or she on a regular basis to confirm the many details associated with a private property event.  Having a bad working relationship is not healthy and makes the planning process miserable for both sides.  Years ago, I had a well-known planner tell me that she interviews her potential clients while they are interviewing her. Her advice is invaluable and makes sense since you are working so closely together.
  3. If you are on a very strict budget, we don’t recommend having a private estate wedding, since everything from the rentals, lighting, catering, wait staff, parking, guest transportation, wedding insurance, decor, bathrooms, generator must be brought-in.
  4. Planning a regular wedding can take 150 plus hours.  Having your wedding at a private estate can exceed those hours, since there are so many more details to cross off your list than at a hotel – parking logistics for your vendors, guest arrival and departure, bringing in a kitchen or where to park a catering truck and bathrooms to name a few line-items. Everything must be laid-out and accounted for.
  5. Insurance – the homeowner, all of your event professionals (even if a friend is doing your flowers) and the couple must have event insurance to be onsite.
  6. Bugs – we have not had many issues, but we all have to remember that they live there too.
  7. Weather Plan – Los Angeles has beautiful weather majority of the time, however, it does rain in Southern California and it is always good to have a weather contingency plan in place in case the weather turns cold or there is rain in the forecast.
  8. Event Professionals – our company requires licensed and insured vendors to be on property. We don’t require our clients to use a specific vendor list for catering or the rental house, however we do need to run the names of potential vendors by our homeowners before you sign with them to make sure that there have not been any issues in the past.  A caterer who is trying to save cost on labor and arrives 1.5 hours before the guest arrival is not going to be our first choice since it makes for a hurried setup and other vendors picking up their work load. Normal arrival time for catering is 3 hours.
  9. Stress-free event for the bride and groom – these are live events and things can go wrong, even with the most detailed planning efforts.  Please make sure that you have close friends or someone who knows you best in your bridal party to insulate you and your fiancé on the wedding day, so if there is an issue, you are not told about it until the next day or after your honeymoon.  Your event professionals are hired to take care of issues and we recommend that you have a point person for your planner to communicate.
  10. Event planning rates in 2021 at a private estate starts at 12K and goes up.  Property rentals for 2021 start at 15k for guest counts under 100 and go up.  Our homeowners are paid well for filming, so when it comes to a wedding or special event, there is more wear and tear on their property with tables, chairs, food service, neighbors, noise, etc. Therefore, we have to be competitive with our offers for there to be an interest.

Our goal is to assist our clients with finding their dream venue that works with their style and budget.  If you have any questions, or need more information, please call our office at 310-994-7789.  Thank you!


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Glam Hollywood Inspired Wedding Private Estate