This stunning Malibu property is great for smaller events. Beautiful ocean views, outdoor pizza oven and large driveway. Ref: 6130 MA

Malibu Private Estate for Events

 Malibu Private Estate for Events Overlooking the Ocean

Reference: #6130

This Malibu private estate for events is available to rent for weddings and special occasions. The private estate has breathtaking views of Malibu and the Queen’s Necklace that can be seen from both the indoors and outdoors of the property. It is a contemporary styled home with a luxurious infinity pool and a lovely patio perfect for a dinner party or daytime event. There is also a pizza oven onsite to impress your guests taste buds and please chefs.

The estate has easy access for both catering and rentals and the owners allow both inside and outside access for those that rent this property. If you are planning on bringing in a private chef for a high-end dinner, this Malibu rental property has an amazing kitchen that your chef will be sure to thank you for.

The living room features a beautiful floor to ceiling picture window that overlooks the Malibu ocean and coastline. This extraordinary view is often referred to by the locals as “The Queen’s Necklace” because in the evening the view of the coastline from Malibu in the north all the way through Santa Monica and down to Palos Verdes looks like a decadent “necklace of lights or diamonds that a Queen would wear around her neck.


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