Beautiful private estate LGBT wedding in Malibu for our clients Jen and Elizabeth.  Stunning ocean views where you can hear the waves crash. They chose their date during a full moon where the ocean was lit up like black diamonds.

Private Estate Wedding Malibu

Private Estate Wedding Malibu

Private Estate Wedding Malibu for our brides Jen and Elizabeth.  We started working with Jen and Elizabeth almost a year before their big day.  I loved the planning process, since they are both producers and they knew what they wanted and what they didn’t want, which made my job so much easier.

Both of their families traveled to Malibu from Ohio and Massachusetts to celebrate their union.  Everything was beautiful from the Friday night rehearsal dinner at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica to the wedding day in Malibu.

Guests arrived via Uber and were transported by our parking attendants to the estate via golf carts.  The golf carts were cute and everyone using Uber did not have to be concerned with partying and driving.

Jen and Elizabeth chose to have their wedding on a full moon, since this property has amazing ocean views. That evening the ocean looked like black diamonds.

Private Estate LGBT Wedding Malibu

Photo taken that night – moon and the ocean.  La Luna!  xo

Jen and Elizabeth chose to make their destination wedding end on a fun and relaxing note. Their guests were invited back to the private estate on Sunday for a swim party with their favorite hot dog and ice-cream vendors along with full bar.

Guests arrived at 11 am and swam, relaxed until 4 pm.  What a beautiful weekend.  XO, Gianna

Private Estate LGBT Wedding Malibu

Here is a photo of Elizabeth and Jen with the unicorn on Sunday.  xo

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