Beautiful rustic Californian style ranch home nestled in beautiful Tarzana. Ideal for a wedding or special event. This property has lovely gardens, swimming pool and cabana. Ref: #A351 Tarzana

Private Estate Weddings Events Tarzana

Private Estate Weddings Events Tarzana

Private Estate Weddings Events Tarzana is a rustic Californian style home nestled in beautiful Tarzana, California.  This property is ideal for a wedding or special event. This property has well maintained gardens, lush trees, a swimming pool that can be changed to different colors, tennis court and a beautiful cabana for an outdoor event.

For more information about this property or one of our other private estates, please contact our office at 310-994-7789 or 310-717-1104.

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Reference: A351 Tarzana

Private Estate Weddings Events Tarzana -Please let us know the following about your event so we may reach out to our homeowners:

  1. guest count
  2. dates
  3. access to the property
  4. rental budget range
  5. music preferences
  6. how will your guests be arriving to and from
  7. type of event

Once we have the information, we will reach out to our homeowners and give them the information so we can get a rental fee and availability.

We charge a small viewing fee to scout the properties – anywhere from $35.00 to $65.00 per site visit.  If you rent an estate, we will credit the fee from your rental fee.

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