Stunning private estate with a swimming pool and tennis court for a special event or wedding in the greater Los Angeles area. Ref: #B221 BH

Private Homes for Weddings Southern California

Private Homes for Weddings Southern California –

Private Homes for Weddings Southern California – this beautiful private home in Beverly Hills is stunning.

If you want something outdoors for your next special event or wedding, please consider a private property.

Our company is booking private estates for 2021.

Reference:#B221 Beverly Hills

Gianna and Company has access to hundreds of private estate rentals that start at 18k and go up.  Each home is individually owned, so rental rates vary by homeowner, your guest count and how many days on-site.

Owners will usually allow access on the setup day for bathrooms, generator and lighting.  Tear downs normally take place the day after the event to help prevent damage and so neighbors are not disturbed at night.

Our estates are for the event only – setup day, event day and teardown day.  Our clients will usually rent an Air BnB or hotel nearby.

Our recommendations on how to Rent an Estate:

  • Have a budget in place.  Once you know your overall budget, please consider spending about 20% of your overall budget for your venue rental.
  • What is your guest count?  We recommend giving us the top estimated number, since the owners will give us a quote based on your guest count.
  • How late at night will your reception go until?  If you are planning a late night party, we don’t recommend having it at a private property, since there are neighbors and sound carries.
  • Budget – if you are on a strict budget, an estate wedding can add-up fast, since everything must be brought onsite from the catering, lighting, generator, decor, rentals, staff and restrooms to name a few line items.

We are more than happy to answer your questions. Please give us a call if you would like to explore options a private estate wedding.

Here is a link to our private properties –

Gianna and Company has been in business since 2003.  We have access to hundreds of private homes in the greater Los Angeles area.  For more information, please call us at 310-994-7789.

Thank you and stay safe!  Gianna and Company