Private Wedding Estate Chatsworth


Private Wedding Estate Chatsworth with A-list celebrity history.  Private home was once home to Frank Sinatra, then Lucille Ball and her two children.  Swimming pool was once used for Marilyn Monroe’s famous photo shoot. Contemporary design with beautiful views, gardens and a lovely guest house with its own private swimming pool.


Reference#: 7997 Chatsworth


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Gianna and Company provides a highly diverse range of expertise in special event and wedding planning.  

Founded in 2003, our boutique firm is built on strong creative partner relationships with award winning professionals within the event industry.   Our production team understands that the key to a successful event is listening to our client’s goals and budget requirements.  Gianna Provenzano, company founder and CEO has over 19 years experience in special event production with access to over 4,000 exclusive estates and mansions in Southern California.  Interested in all stages of event planning, production and venue location requests. Corporate clients include Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc.,Yahoo!, VW Corporation of America, BMW, and HSN.

Private Wedding Estate Chatsworth